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my name is LuAnn, I will be your host @ ERS 2016 ~ on the web and on target with what’s new & now?
I hope this website has all the information you will need to consider my company, at any time this site might seem confusing or incomplete don’t hesitate to call me at 504-891-6555

Hello I'm Perry
I named my company (Electrical Repair Service) or ERS because I have seen a lot of unfinished and just bad workmanship in this city and I’m here to help you get it right. Back in 1968 the first codes I remember my grandpa taught and insisted on I obey was: all work shall be done in a workman like manner. And today it is why you see such a big difference in the quality of my work, sure others claim to be an electrician and then there is myself with a proven track record, check out the pictures on this site and see for yourself. I’m in possession of a license I received that is by far the toughest in the country to pass and got a 98% score, this was in 1984

Today I still continue my education even though licensed as a “competent class A electrician“ you might want to consider this when you have work performed on your biggest investment your home, remember when I’m finished the work is to code and my good reputation, pride and workman like manner is what’s left - there is no compromising for this from me or ERS
now on to the fun stuff...

Tesla Energy Debut

Elon Musk Debuts the Tesla Powerwall, we say "now it time to go solar"

The debut of Tesla Energy, the PowerWall Home Energy Storage, and utility-scale grid storage. Presented by Elon Musk with an appearance by JB Straubel in the Hawthorne, CA, Tesla Design Studio on April 30, 2015.

Powerwall Debut

Teslamotors Powerwall

Published on May 1, 2015

LED lights

I have been very impressed with the new LED lights that are being released. All types of bulbs are available now from your candlabra, flood lights and tube type fluoresent replacement bulbs . They are very energy efficient, LED bulbs now use less then ¼ of the energy of standard fluoresent bulbs and less then CFL and they can be put on a dimmer. By removing the ballast in your existing fluoresent fixture this will quickly convert it into a LED tube fixture, add a dimmer and now your kitchen has warm light.
The fact is CFL (compact fluoresent light) are still just that - a 1930s fluoresent light, whereas the LED (light emitting diode) is a new technique of creating light and today it is bright, very bright. LED lamps are 80% more efficient than comparable incandescent and 50% more efficient than their fluorescent equivalent.
I used one of my favorite LED bulb type in a historic home the color of the bulbs has the glow of a kerosene lamps everywhere (seen in the picture on right) - very nice look!
If you go LED now you can contact Entergy and get cash back, even though ENTERGY rebate program is experiencing funding troubles I’m sure it will be a program that will continue.

Mood Skylight LED Panel LED wall light panel

Mood Skylight LED Panel LED wall light panel‏

ERS exciting new product- Sky LED Panel, which is designed to bring blue sky indoor and improve the ambiance and well-being. User will be feeling extremely comfortable and peaceful thanks to the soft blue sky the LED panel presents indoor. It is a magic light that is able to cheer up a depressed heart or calm down a fevered mind.

The Sky LED Panel is an ideal lighting and decorative source to be as ceiling lights or lighted façade. Application is quite wide like office, hospital, healthcare, residence.

Installation methods include suspended, recessed, surface-mounted, ceiling system and other possible situation. Installation solution are provided upon floor plan. The standard dimension provided is 2ftX 2ft,and can be grouped as you want, and also open for custom request.

Skylight LED Panel LED wall light panel‏

Are you considering upgrading your home to low energy consumption bulbs? We can help take the confusion out of buying by matching the correct bulbs and dimmers creating the most efficient lighting solutions for you, call for a free estimate today. Ask about our affordable whole home lighting solutions. You can rest assured that you will not be wasting your money on the wrong choice.

Perry & LuAnn are ERS we are partners here is a little bit more about us, Perry is an electrical expert with over 30 years solving technical issues, Keeping up with the technological advances and staying on the cutting edge of the electrical industry. Consequently ERS continues with our limited advertisement however word of mouth has kept us very busy. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our faithful and satisfied customers for their on going patronage and support.

Why do our customers keep coming back? Because they know they can rely on us to get the job done. We have built a reputation for quality and integrity for more then 30 years. We adhere to this value and that what this company is built on.

ERS is a family owned and operated business and I believe that our customers are our number one priority.

3rd generation ϟ 40 years of experience ϟ Licensed Journeyman

ϟ ERSϟ

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